Bascule Bonnets

When I just couldn't seem to find the exact fly bonnet I was looking to purchase for my own horse, I set on a mission to make one myself. After teaching myself to crochet, finding a few patterns, and lots of practice, I created my first finished fly bonnet. Over time, I've adjusted those original patterns to develop the best fit and worked with different yarns to find the best quality materials for my customers.

With my own riding goals in the hunter and jumper world, I settled on the name of Bascule Bonnets for my little business. While Bascule can have many meanings, to an equestrian the term refers to the natural round arc a horse's body takes as it goes over a jump. A horse with a good bascule and jumping style makes for a beautiful picture in both the hunter and jumper rings. While fly bonnets are a practical addition to most horses' equipment, they're also an excellent way to incorporate your own unique style and represent your barn, stable, or sponsor colors.

Bascule Bonnets now specializes in fully custom fly bonnets for horses and ponies. I also offer a handful of ready made bonnets for equestrians looking for custom quality at a bit more affordable price. All bonnets are made of high quality 100% mercerized cotton yarn for a smooth finish that will withstand repeated use and washing. Ears are made of stretchy performance fabric to accommodate a variety of ear sizes, yet still breathe in warmer climates.

Contact me today to create a custom order or inquire about any of my current sales listings.

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